It takes a far bit of skill to cook with a wok and make sure your food don’t get burnt as well as to flamblé the wok’ contents to brings out the best flavours. Chef Kam Li at Feast shows us a step by step in this video.

If in China without a VPN

The ingredients:

Egg noodles, spring onions, lap cheong Chinese sausage, yellow chives, bean sprouts


Pork belly, shallots, Sambal, dark soy sauce

有腩仔、 有公蔥、有參巴醬,和老抽


  • Cut spring onions into short sections/ 首先切蔥,蔥尾切段,備用
  • Slice the heart of spring onions so they cook faster and ensure the quick release of aroma and flavours/ 然後蔥頭,將它切開,切開之後它比較容易熟,而且味道容易滲出來
  • Slice Chinese sausage sideways so it doesn’t fall apart/ 之後將臘腸斜著切, 首先將它切絲
  • Add oil to the wok and fry pork belly until it is crispy and golden/ 將油倒入鍋裡, 炸到豬腩肉金黃色
  • Blanch noodles to neutralise flavour and soften the texture/ 面焯水的好處是一來可以去除異味,二來,面比較容易熱,而且會比較軟,方便我們炒
  • Stir fry sausage, add in noodles, and stir everything together/ 然後,開火炒臘腸,加入面,將它炒開
  • Add in bean sprouts, spring onions, and keep stir-frying until they are soft/ 然後加入銀芽,蔥段,炒軟
  • Add in the sauce while stiring, and then add dark soy and yellow chives/ 加入醬料,少許老抽,韭黃,炒勻
  • Garnish with fried shallots and pork belly/  最後加上炸過的公蔥和脆腩仔

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